Episode 38: Deep State UFOs

DocPinko, Dr. Steve Cloutier, returns to discuss how the Deep State conspiracy theorists use the UFO “cover-up” to forward their agenda. This episode is a bit darker than our previous discussions.

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ISC Classic 33:UFO Coverup? Live!

Jasen and Steve discuss a real treat of a video that aired somewhere on  TV in 1988. Hosted by Mike Farrell, this show tries and fails to prove  that UFOs are aliens and they have visited us.

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UFO Coverup? Live! on YouTube

ISC Classic 30: A UFO Primer

In this episode, Steve Cloutier joins me to start a discussion about  the phenomena of UFOs and their place in our culture. This is sort of  an overview, but we will eventually be back to discuss more on this  topic.

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