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The ISC Podcast of casual discussions about UFOs, science, religion, fringe ideas, and other things. This is also the home of the In Search Of… series, now under the feed, The TurtleStache Cast. This was our episode-by-episode review of the 1970s-80s syndicated “science” series hosted by Leonard Nimoy.

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Cleveland History: Ten Cent Beer Night The Illuminati Social Club

On June 4, 1974, the Cleveland Indians hosted the Texas Rangers at  Cleveland Stadium in a rematch from the previous week. With Cleveland  media fanning the flames all week long, and a ten cent beer promotion  the night of the first game of the series, something was bound to  happen…and it did. Paul Jackson's article, "The Night Beer And Violence Bubbled Over In Cleveland"

The Latest TurtleStache Cast

ISO 521: Hindenburg Over Halifax The TurtleStache Cast

In Search Of… Season 5, Episode 21: The Hindenburg Mystery

I will also be incorporating a blog to either discuss news stories that don’t necessitate a whole podcast episode. It will also be used to clarify points that were made during the podcast.