ISC Classic 21: Asch, Milgram, and Stanford

I’ve always been interested in three psychology experiments that study human behavior. They are the Asch Experiment, the Milgram Experiment, and the Stanford Prison Experiment. Dave Brodbeck joins me to actually about the field that he actually teaches (he also teaches statistics, which we’ve discussed) at Algoma University is Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. We also discuss how the latter two of these experiments shaped research ethics today.

Wikipedia Links:
Asch Conformity Experiments
Milgram Experiment
Stanford Prison Experiment

Episode 45: Communism

This week on the show, Steve Cloutier joins me to discuss the cultural boogeyman that is communism. He talks about what is and what isn’t communism.

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ISC Classic 22: Gene Ray And Time Cube

Brent the Closet Geek joins me to talk about a bizarre, early internet  conspiracy known as Time Cube. It was introduced to the internet by Gene  Ray, but he was apparently handing out pamphlets around town prior to  that. It has endured the test of time and continues to be referenced on  Reddit.

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Episode 44: The Rise Of Nationalism

This time around, David Chafin, pastor of North Eaton Christian Church, Disciples of Christ joins me to discuss the rise of Christian Nationalism in the United States.

Dav id Chafin’s Blog — Skin Of My Teeth

North Eaton Christian Church Website

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The Blog Is Up

I’ve been working to get the site up to date and ready for, hopefully, a more regular posting schedule. All episodes from episode 25 on can be found here. I took the In Search Of… Series (The TurtleStache Cast) posts out of here, but you can find a link to the Anchor page over on the sidebar (you find an RSS Feed there). Or just search for it on the podcast app of your liking. Here’s the link if you’re lazy like me:

I am going to start posting on the blog because I enjoy writing and currently only have a Bible and religion-based blog to write for and I think a post about Bigfoot there might seem out of place. So, this is where I will write about all things weird. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even have guest posts, but we’ll see.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the podcast first and foremost. And remember, as God told Adam in Genesis Chapter 2, “Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.”

Episode 43: Send In The Clones In UFOs

Yes, the club is reopened and we are back with a new episode. This time around, a newcomer to the podcast, Katy Jean, joins me to discuss the UFOs/balloons over North America and then we talk about body doubles in conspiracy theories.

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Episode 42: Atlantis

This time around, Doc Pinko joins me to discuss the not-actually-lost-continent of Atlantis. We discuss the Platonic origins and the origin of the belief that Atlantis was actually a real place (Spoiler: It wasn’t real).

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TurtleStache Cast—Episode 110: Plato Wouldn’t Like It

Debunking Atlantis—Lady Of The Library

Location Hypotheses Of Atlantis

Episode 41: Project UFO

DocPinko joins me once again to talk about season one of the not-so-hit TV show, Project UFO. We talk about the show itself, the stars, the guests, and the material that the episodes were based on.

Project UFO Episode 1 with Commercials

Project UFO Series

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Episode 40: Truckin’ Across Canada

Squidpod returns to talk about the Canadian Freedom Convoy and Jason joins us to talk about Ukraine.

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Episode 39: Toxic Positivity

Jason, Stephanie, and Oliver join me this week to have a talk about toxic positivity. It’s a pretty casual conversation, but informative.

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