ISC Podcast

Episode 38: Deep State UFOs

DocPinko, Dr. Steve Cloutier, returns to discuss how the Deep State conspiracy theorists use the UFO “cover-up” to forward their agenda. This episode is a bit darker than our previous discussions. Steve Cloutier on Twitter

Episode 37: Border Signs

The title is a little misleading, but Oliver Rockside joins me to have a discussion about the differences between the US and Canada when it comes to publicly held religious belief. Oliver on Twitter Jasen on Twitter AlienCG’s Bible Study on Twitter

Episode 36: The Voltron Of Crazy

This time around, Squid Vicious (as he’s known on Twitter) joins me to discuss the nutty, one letter political cult that arose a few short years ago. Squid Vicious on Twitter Illuminati Social Club on Twitter

Episode 35: The Halloween Franchise

The Club is finally back, and Candice Lepage joins me to discuss the new Halloween movie, Halloween Kills as well as the rest of the franchise. We even bring up those other movies directed by the music guy. Candice Lepage on Twitter Jasen on Twitter

Episode 34: Purity Culture

This time around on the podcast, Jason from Armpit joins me to  discuss the topic of Purity Culture. This is a religion-based ideology  that promotes abstinence-only sex education and the denial of one’s  normal urges. Jason’s Blog AlienCG on Twitter AlienCG’s Bible Study on Twitter