ISC Classic 30: A UFO Primer

In this episode, Steve Cloutier joins me to start a discussion about  the phenomena of UFOs and their place in our culture. This is sort of  an overview, but we will eventually be back to discuss more on this  topic.

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ISC Classic 29: Pillows and Regret

On this episode, Oliver Rockside joins me to talk about a controversial figure in the American politics.

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ISC Classic 28: AlienCG Exposed

I used to be somewhat of a conspiracy theorist. I believed primarily in the alien coverup from the 1940s and believed that we were put on this planet until we could rejoin the rest of the alien community peaceably. Heavy D joined me as we also discuss woo and the conversation goes a bit off the rails for a little while.

ISC Classic 27: So You Wanna Build A Bunker?

Penelope joins me to discuss a group of people known as Sovereign Citizens. Their ideas and tactics are bananapants, but they can get violent and insane. 

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ISC Classic 26: Listening to Experts

In this episode, Dr. Steve Cloutier joins me to discuss why people tend  to listen more to celebrities than to people who are experts in fields  being discussed. We also meander off-topic as is custom on this podcast.

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The Return of In Search Of…

OK, we’re not doing new episodes of the podcast, but we are re-releasing the original run on its own feed. It’s not that it hasn’t been available, they’ve been available on, but it was not convenient for listeners. They will still be available on the Internet Archive, but they will also be on their own feed in every podcast app (which will be available this week sometime). If you’re impatient, here’s the manual feed:

RSS Feed:

Also, I am moving old episodes of The Illuminati Social Club Podcast to starting with Episode 25: Holy Love Ministries. This is going to make it easier for me to post episodes as they will be recorded, uploaded, and posted in one fell swoop. This will motivate me to make more episodes. I’ll be posting more episodes during the week and DocPinko and I will be back with more UFO talk. Also, since I don’t expect much audio from my AlienCG’s Bible Study, anything bible related will be on this feed.

This has been a long time coming, I just needed the time and motivation to get it moving. I’m finally getting things organized and I’m hoping that this blog becomes a discussion of weird news and science articles. We shall see.

Welcome to the New Blog

I’ve changed things around a bit to make it more convenient for me. I’ve moved the podcast feed over to Anchor so that I can easily upload and publish an episode as soon as I’m done with it. Prior to this, the process took a while and had a lot of moving parts that had to work together.

The episodes that I don’t repost are still all still available on the Internet Archive. I will also periodically upload new episodes there for posterity. I will also be using this blog to talk about weird news stories, conspiracies, and episode discussion.

Join me and my co-hosts for the Illuminati Social Club available on podcast apps everywhere.

ISC Classic 25: Holy Love Ministries

Stephanie joins me for a discussion about a church in our neck of the  woods called Holy Love Ministries. It is here that you can apparently  see visions of the Virgin Mary and possibly even Jesus. There’s good  stuff about this church and not-so-good stuff and we try to maintain a  neutral position. We can also say that this isn’t a cult.

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